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Sweet Victory!

RIP Uncle Chuck

Having Victory is a funny saying. We think of victory when our favorite football team might win. We think of victory when we see the underdog win. But with Uncle Chuck, victory had its own meaning. We called Uncle Chuck, “Uncle Nine Lives” for a really good reason.

Uncle Nine Lives survived the Vietnam War. Uncle Nine Lives survived addiction and losing his family. Uncle Nine Lives survived homelessness, injury, and even dying more than once. But he still found victory in all of that.

As he battled all of those things he never ever complained about it. I know he must’ve had lots of regrets about his life from time to time. I think in a lot of ways he tried to work through all that by staying close to my mom & dad, getting on my son on a regular, helping us, and letting us fuss at him. (he’d just chuckle)

But he never complain, he just kept on moving. So that is the lesson for us today. To keep going anyway. Because in Christ there is sweet victory.

We all thought his Nine Lives would continue. But you know what? They did! His Nine Lives are forever more with the Lord, and that my friend is victory!

Rest in peace Uncle.

Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are IN Christ Jesus!

Victory – Yolanda Adams