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From Hurt To Healing – My Testimony [Re-Post]

As I struggle with some physical issues and with the hurt of watching some of my father’s side of the family lash out at us in pain, I asked the Lord to reveal something… Anything on how to deal with it. I asked God to remove the layers that I have to be missing. He did…

The Lord reminded me of an accident I was in as a teen. I had a really bad injury that required stitches in my forehead. My sisters witnessed the whole thing. It was painful. The doctors sent me home with instructions not to touch it. I had to be careful not to get an infection. I was wrapped like a mummy.

After the wrapping and stitches were removed I was left with a scar, so I covered my forehead with bangs for a year. Time ticked by and I healed from my injuries. From time to time I will get a weird sensation in that area and there’s still a bit of a scar. But the thing is, I went from raw pain to a whole and healed person.

God can do that. You can go from raw pain to healing. You just have to give that pain over to God and trust that He will do it. Cover and stay away from things that will infect your healing until you can remove the bindings and be free! Oh, and those weird sensations you get afterward… a reminder of how far you’ve come with God’s Love Grace, and Mercy.

Peace and Blessings! ~Randi

~Psalm 147:3

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

From May 11, 2012

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Re-release of Hebrews 10:35

This won’t be a stretch for those of you who know me well. For my new friends, well let’s just say, my path is never directed by man.

Last year I went on a self proclaimed “Happiness Journey.” I rid myself of the things that were weighing me down, and did some serious soul searching. I had my  hair in dreadlocks to symbolize that I was “locking” into my happiness. Let me tell you, I was tested, tested, and tested some more.

My son’s issues became harder to deal with, I lost 10% my income at work and I was already missing about 30% from just 3-years ago. I have been plagued with financial drama and almost had a complete mental breakdown, but I stayed committed to my journey.

Then, a few weeks ago  while in prayer, I heard deep in my spirit, “The journey is not over, but the struggle is.”

Get your shout on for a second, I’ll let you……..

The moment I let that sink in, I became calm and peaceful over the things I’ve been struggling with. I have some things in the works that will help both me and Manchild. I took a moonlighting gig to help with my money issues, I am now free to help someone else who may be struggling today.

Don’t get me wrong, I am working on some “stuff” right now, but I haven’t felt this free about it in years! So, I made a decision–between the WORD I received and the hot flashes working me out–to release the locs. I have a new do ya’ll and it’s sassy, happy and full of life!

Today, I encourage you to make a bold move in your life. No, you don’t have to cut or even loc your hair, but something that will perpetuate positive change in your world. The journey never ends, but you don’t have to struggle. Trust!

Thank you for those of you who supported me through that portion of my journey, especially Glennisha. I Love My Loctian!

Hebrews 10:35,
Therefore don’t throw away your boldness, which has a great reward.