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Game On Wednesday: 5 Tips To Living A Fabulous Single Life

Remember Living Single? There were times where I could identify with each one of the female characters in the show from Khadijah James to Maxine ‘Max’ Felice Shaw, Regine Hunter and a lot of Synclaire James-Jones. Although it was humorous, the women were single and fabulous.

So today, Dr. Joseph Kimbrough  has some tips to help all of us living that single life,  live it with fullness and prosperity. Sing that jingle with me, “We are living Single oh in a 90’s kinda of world I’m glad I’ve got my girls“… It’s Game On!

Listen here:

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Game On Wednesday: Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Prejudging

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Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Game On Wednesday: 5 Tips To Living A Fabulous Single Life
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On Flying Solo

Whenever I get together with my extended fam and BFF, the conversation always takes a turn towards dating and relationships. After telling my story about a brief conversation I had with a 47-year-old man vying for my attention by using words like nuts, ho’ and references to my hair texture… (I made reference to it the end of July.)

… the hilarity of it all turned serious as baby sis asked, “Are those the only type of men out there for single straight women?

God No!

Well, what’s a single sista to do?

Stay single and enjoy your singleness. Period. Do things you enjoy as a single, whole individual. While some may feel the need to compromise or even date a Fruit-Loop while waiting for the right one to show up, I’m enjoying this ride. And, for as long as I have to ride it. I recently ran up on a blog I did quite a few years ago after getting out of a pretty rocky situation. What I wrote still applies. Even more so when the idiot mentioned above also said to me… “you know, you’re not getting any younger.” As if I should settle for…? Okay, that’s starting to burn me up again so here’s what I wrote:

I’m happily single. And when the day comes that I am matched with a man who can meet my spiritual, emotional and physical needs – and I his – I will stay happily single. All three and in that order. I know men who have one – or if they are really adjusted two –but that is not enough for me anymore. ‘Oooo chile’ that’s a tall order! You may never meet your match. Ain’t you scared you’ll die lonely?’ Nope. I’m more afraid of dying unhappy.

In the meantime, you best believe I’m navigating  and flying solo quite well thank you very much.

Peace and Blessings on your journey! ~Randi



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Gotta Love Facebook Advertising

An Ode To Sesame Street:

♫ One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song? ♫

I’ve been waiting all day to catch the ‘Faithful Christian Man’ in this Christian Mingle advertisement that is supposed to fit my profile and demographic. Ad Two… Um? His profile looks like that for real, for real? Where do I… nevermind.

55 Yr Old Mom Looks 30

Local mother removes her wrinkles following this 1 weird tip.

Faithful Christian Men

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Faithful Women (Needed)

Single men on complaining there are not enough women registered.They need female attention. Join for free

Raphael Saadiq

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I love it when unknown drones try to figure me out… everyone knows I like taller men. Ah, ah, ahhh now… don’t judge me.