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Pastor Sabrina McKenzie: Breaking The Glass Ceiling, “In A Man’s World”

It seems as if Pastor Sabrina McKenzie has always been in my life. But truth is I’ve only known this celebrated pastor, entrepreneur, and television personality a short while… but we became fast friends.

Affectionately known as “The Dancing Preacher,” McKenzie is the founder and the Executive Producer of Dancing Preachers International and the Founder of the Liturgical Dance Day and is responsible for creating one of the most celebrated liturgical dance ministries, the International Dance Commission (IDC), which has gained international acclaim since its inception in 2005.

There is so much more about this amazing woman of God that you need to know, so check out her website: and check out our interview about her new book, how it was almost thwarted and her experience as one of the stars of the BRAVO television show, “In A Man’s World” produced by Viola Davis.

Click the Picture for a copy of Pastor Sabrina McKenzie’s book