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This Just Dropped in my Spirit so Here we go… [[Pics]]

Fathers, teach you daughters that they are beautiful, but their beauty should not be sold off for the promise of a phone bill payment or even a meal. Teach your daughters that being with a man with power, fame and/or fortune does not equal “gettin’ paid.” The payment is much greater and more severe by falling for someone who has no intention of being with them for the long haul. I mean, as sappy as it was… there’s truth to the movie “Madea’s Family Reunion.”

Tumblr/Daven Pierce
Tumblr/Daven Pierce

Teach your daughters to trust their God-given gut. He provides all the signals they need. Trust God. Teach your daughters that they are worth the wait. That their “self-worth & self-esteem” is not being too picky or conceited… it’s a tool to be used for greatness. Teach your and dad

I get so upset seeing news stories like that of Jared Fogle, Bill Cosby, Human trafficking  in the Motor City and the fools who actually use Ashley Madison and Backpage, that it brings me to tears. I could’ve certainly fallen prey to some of this growing up, but because my dad talked to us about much more than, “don’t come home pregnant,” my sister’s and I have more discernment instilled in us. Perfect? Not by a long shot… but we were (and still are) given tools to navigate creeps.My Sisters

Lastly Fathers, but most importantly, teach your daughters about the ultimate love. Not the kind that takes advantage of them or puts pressure on them to do things just for the right to say they have a man or a piece of change. Not the kind that abuses them mentally, physically or emotionally… but rather that John 3:16 love; that 1 Corinthians 13 love; that love that’s straight from Jeremiah 29:11.

Fathers… Teach your daughters. Grandfathers, Stepfather’s & God-fearing Uncles… you can do your part too. We have a generation of daughters who need you. My Family


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