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SEE: James Fortune Discuss Forgiveness & the Future [[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]]

James Fortune stopped by my studio on his “Dear Future Me” Promotional Tour. This latest CD is in stores and online now and by all accounts, cathartic to his recovery and healing process.

ALSO CHECK OUT: [[HEAR]] Travis Greene: “God Is Patient Enough to Wait On Us” & Dr. Michael E. Fletcher: 47 Years of Gospel Music Ministry & Still Taking it to New Levels


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Short Hair Don’t Care

The A/C is acting janky in the studio again, I forgot my earrings,

Side note: After an allergic reaction to some medication that thinned my hair and tore my scalp up, I had to cut it all off. I looked in the mirror and said, “I’m rocking this short hair w/salt & pepper” and haven’t looked back #ShortHairDontCare. But it’s Randi with an ‘I‘ stop calling me ‘sir!’

And… there’s no such word as “yeahbut.” Example: If I were to say I don’t have the authority to pull a commercial and will talk to our ad department to help you… don’t come back with, “Yeahbut, we can’t wait… It needs to be pulled right now.” #LaughingItOff

Short Hair

My lip gloss, eye shadow, blush and cute clothes aren’t enough these days I suppose.


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He’s Able! Really… He is!

After a weekend of just sitting still listening to “thus saith the Lord” – well except for the Unashamed Tour 2012 with Lecrae… I didn’t sit still for that at all – and then there was church?

Well, after a weekend of letting the Lord speak to me, I had an awesome revelation. Want to hear it? Hear it go: 

Let the Lord Speak to You Today!

Ephesians 3:20


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Confessions of a Gospel DJ – The Beginning

I’ve been in radio a loooong time. Seriously, 30-years and counting. I tell people I am a child prodigy and started at the tender age of two. But actually, I started humbly in Christian radio right here in Detroit, in the 80’s.

I’ve also enjoyed teaching radio broadcasting to students enrolled at Specs Howard School… twice. Both times I’ve taught, it was after leaving the Christian radio station in Detroit. My intent after leaving there (WMUZ/WEXL/WRDT) the last time was to relocate and do something different, but those plans fell through (Wonder WHO had something to do with that?).  So imagine my surprise that I’d end up sitting in this chair, working for Detroit’s First 24-Hour Inspiration Station Praise 102.7! And to make this even crazier… this is the same company that let me go in 2005 when the station was KISS 102.7!

When word got out that Radio One was changing 102.7 into an Inspirational format, I was excited and thought… why not? So, I sent a resume package to the company but didn’t hear anything. I was fine with that. After all, I was teaching and reporting news, traffic and weather on the weekends. But when the company finally flipped formats… well, lets just say I kept hearing from people.

I had more than one friend say they wanted me to check out the company’s job description for this slot. I had family and friends on Facebook and Twitter lobbying to hear me on the air here as well. But I kept saying to them all, “I sent a package, they didn’t call, so I’m sure they have a staff already.” Then God nudged my heart and I checked the job description and began to laugh! Ok, Lord… I’ll send another package. I did it while watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and said in a prayer, “Lord, if you want me to go there to work, you’ll make it happen. and I’ll dedicate each day to You.”

Radio One Detroit called me the next day and I started this chapter the beginning of 2012