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J. Moss Back to the Future with “Repay You”

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with J. Moss whether it’s music or ministry, because he consistently has something great going on.

Today we talked about how he and his wife’s Living Waters Church is faring through the pandemic and the song “Repay You,” on P.J. Morton’s “Gospel According to PJ: From the Songbook of PJ Morton” project.

Check Out Our Conversation Below

Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
J. Moss Back to the Future with “Repay You”
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Today In Black History: Remembering B. Smith

Model, restaurant owner and lifestyle guru, B. Smith died Saturday night in her home from Alzheimer’s. She was 70.  In 1976 she became the first black woman featured on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine. She opened 3 restaurants in New York City, Long Island and Washington, DC. Smith also had her own cooking and lifestyle show, B. Smith with Style, which made its debut in 1997.

Often unfairly called the black Martha Stewart, B. Smith was a legend in her own right. Smith embodied glamour affluence, poise, grace and Afrocentrism. B. Smith rocked natural hair before it was popular in the main stream. She was always different but yet the same. She spoke to many black people who thought that’s exactly me.   We drink wine.  We are cultured.  Conversely she showed others a broader or image of the African-American. (More From: Colorstream Media)


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