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Lexi: From Heartbreak to Healing… and Redemption [[Exclusive Interview]]

Today I had an opportunity to chat with artist, TV personality and actress Lexi about her new single, “There is More” and when I tell you there is more to this talented woman is an understatement? Wow!

In “There is More,” Lexi pours her heart out about topics of trust, vulnerability, freedom, and devotion through a lens of practical faith. Written by Lexi, along with Dana Soréy and Deon Kipping, the song was birthed out of feelings of doubt and hopelessness after an illness, the death of her uncle and the end of her very public engagement.

Lexi doesn’t just sing it; she lived through it and with God’s help and a gifted therapist we talked about coming out on the other side and a recent encounter with her ex-fiancé that had me in awe of the power of God! (Source: Motown Gospel and

“All I can hope is that someone who has gone through any of what I have gone through will get what I’m saying that God has more for us.  It’s not just a song.” ~Lexi

Grab “There is More” wherever you listen to your music and follow Lexi on Instagram @LexiTelevision

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