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Oldest National Park Ranger Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Happy birthday to the oldest National Park ranger in the U.S. – Betty Soskin, who turned 100 this week.

Born September 22, 1921, in Detroit, Michigan, Soskin was an activist during the civil rights era, as well as an author and businesswoman.  She joined the National Park Service in 2004 at the age of 84 “to educate others on Black women in history and all women during World War II.”

The community Soskin lives in, Richmond, California, dedicated a middle school in her name and the National Parks Service will celebrate her 100th birthday with a special commemorative ink stamp. (Source: ABC News)

Soskin said “People need heroes,” said Soskin. “And I’m maybe one of those.” Indeed you are. ~Randi


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Groom Surprises Stepdaughters with Surprise Adoption Proposal at Wedding [[Video]]

A groom brought everyone to tears when he asked his future stepdaughters if he could adopt them.

During the wedding ceremony to their mom, he also wrote vows to her two daughters and then he got on one knee and asked the girls if he could adopt them.

My eyes are leaking

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Upcoming iOS 14.5 Update Is Making Me Smile… Under My Mask Of Course

Apple is updating its iOS operating system to iOS 14.5 next week and if you are not an Apple product lover this won’t mean much to you but…

Nana Dua at Pexels

The new iOS will allow users to restrict the ability of Facebook and other apps running on the platform to track your activity on your phone and online, or stop tracking all together. You will also get the opportunity to choose a different Siri sound, unlock your FACE-ID iPhone with your Apple Watch AND the ability to unlock your phone while still wearing your facemask, and more. (Source:

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Getting Your Vaccine Means Getting Your Life Back [[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]]

Today I had the honor of sitting down with Denise Fair, Chief Public Health Officer for the City of Detroit-Detroit Health Department about the new neighborhood initiative to vaccinate 70% of Detroiters.

We discussed the importance of reaching that goal, how it will allow us to get our lives back and spend time with our loved ones. Fair took us to church as we discussed how our community can perish from a lack of knowledge (It’s in the word y’all, Hosea 4:6), and is glad to be able to share with our listeners that  everyone needs to do their part, and Detroit is doing everything they can to make it easier and more convenient.

I also celebrated my “fully vaccinated day” (two weeks after my 2nd dose) with a dance!

Check Out Our Very Important Conversation Here

Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Getting Your Vaccine Means Getting Your Life Back [[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]]