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Don’t Let The Sweet Voice Fool Ya!

Y’all know I get some funny calls, serious calls and flat out crazy calls while I’m on the air… but no one has ever just offered to sing for me! I was a bit hesitant when Ms. Victoria called me, but um… she sure showed me!!!

Go on girl! Hope to see her on stage one day! 


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Sounds Like The O’Jays

So, you know by now, I get some pretty funny phone calls from people asking for songs I don’t play, to contests I’m not doing. Not sure if this fella had the right format, station, time zone…. well, anyway:

Voice slightly altered to disguise the caller… and of course, I’d never reveal the name but… This is my life! Love It!!!

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What Are Those Lyrics Again?

I get so tickled by the calls where people try to sing or explain the lyrics of a song we play. It’s funny when they’re off, and glorious when they’re spot on. Hey, even I mess up! I once thought Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers were singing “A Leader, not a Follower” in The Blessing of Abraham, but they were singing from Deuteronomy 28, “A Lender not a Borrower,” LOL! So, I get it. But today I received an email from a listener not quite sure what to think about the lyrics to this song…

 We love your station at our house, the only thing you could change is thatwrap your city in the gold gold brothersong at 7 pm it’s just very annoying.

After I picked myself off the floor…

I wrote back…

 I’m sorry, but I’m so tickled right now. Not because of your suggestion… but because it’s the ‘theme’ music to the CoCo Brother Live Show. Detroit’s own Deitrick Haddon is singing, ♫  Rep Your City… CoCo brother ♫

I’ll never listen the beginning of your show the same Cory

♫ Wrap Your City in the Gold Gold Brother ♫

CoCo Brother Live can be heard weekdays from 7pm till 10pm on Praise 102.7 Detroit and on The Spirit Top 15 Countdown Saturday’s from 6pm till 8pm!

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Some of the calls I receive… Well… They’re Special

I get a variety of calls. The funniest are the one’s from those calling the wrong number. Here’s a collection of some the most memorable…

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