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Some States May Already Have To Prepare For A Second Lockdown

As states rush to reopen after pandemic-triggered lockdowns, public health experts say new surges could soon warrant a second set of stay-at-home orders. Of course, it remains far from clear that some of these same states’ governors—who were often slow to lock down in the first place—will be willing to do it.

According to the Daily Beast, “areas with the largest reported spikes were Amarillo, Texas, and Central City, Kentucky. In the case of Central City, a local spike comes in part by an outbreak that killed at least three inmates and sickened at least 406 others at the Green River Correctional Complex, where targeted mass testing was performed.”

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Turgay Ayer, an associate professor at Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering said, “We do not have evidence yet about an increase in the numbers of cases due to 14 days of lag time in reporting in Georgia, [but] our analysis shows that mobility has been already increasing.” Ayer’s continued, “It is highly likely to see a second wave in Georgia,” (Sources: BCNN1 WP &


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