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Red Carpet Ingenuity With The Actors Of “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Of Gospel”

(The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel Poster via: Lifetime/Facebook/Twitter)

In this quarantine, stay at home time in our lives, celebrations have become very creative. From Zoom parties to Facebook live, we’ve all had to come up with fun ways to mark great occasions.

When “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel” premiered, it dawned on me that all the celebrations and acknowledgements had to be squashed.  But thanks to some amazing people… the moment clearly was not lost on these talented women.

Angela Birchett did a virtual red-carpet premiere with one her best friends Tituss Burgess:

Making her acting debut, Christina Bell shared her love and thanks:

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THANK YOU — All of the love and support has been overwhelming to say the least. I’m just grateful to have been a part of making history and telling the story of the LEGENDARY Clark Sisters. 💜💜💜 Shoutout to the AMAZING cast #AunjanueEllis @sheleamusic @kierrasheard @ravengoodwin @angelabirchett Also big shoutout to our director @cswanson44 and the executive producers @drhollycarter #LorethaJones @mychaelchinn @missymisdemeanorelliott @queenlatifah @therealmaryjblige for helping to bring this story to life! And thank you to casting director extraordinaire @iamtwinkiebyrd for an opportunity of a lifetime! Lastly but certainly not least thanks to the maestro himself @donaldlawrence for helping us capture that vintage Clark sound! #TheClarkSisters #TheClarkSistersMovie #ChristinaBell #GospelMusic #Lifetime #TwinkieClark

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Raven Goodwin dressed to the nines in her premiere dress waiting for the arrival of the movie… and her new bundle of joy:

Sheléa Frazier’s family planned a quarantine surprised her and she was red carpet ready:

Check out Kierra Sheard’s friends and family premiere:

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So, usually when it’s work I forget to celebrate the big moments in life. I’m usually like “okay great! What’s next!”. But I have friends who are family to me who think to do things like this! They always celebrate with me and motivate me to keep going. They’re literally the fuel that I come back home for. Thank you babe and @shammroxx for a moment to remind me to celebrate the great achievements in life. Soak it in! Y’all were so creative with this and I’m just still blown away. I wanted to run after the cars and kiss and hug everybody. But they were like “uh uh (in Cardi b voice) carina viiirus). And when I saw my pooshkin and gracey Pooh yelling through the window that sent me over the cliff. I love y’all so much and thank you again for reminding me that this wasn’t a fly by night opportunity. I miss my grandparents and haven’t been able to talk to them while they’re recovering. But J brought them, my parents, and Drew to the VIP section while in quarantine. Im still in shock at the day! I love you! 🤣🤣🤣 thank you my @mycourtcourt for capturing this!!!

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Congratulation’s Ladies!

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Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Red Carpet Ingenuity With The Actors Of “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Of Gospel”


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