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Why She Gave Up Laying Her Edges

Source: Marsha Badger / Marsha B.

The thing is, my hair texture doesn’t allow me to be great. One thought of precipitation and I am finished. Because of that, I’ve decided I’m no longer buying into the hype of laid edges. Ya’ll gonna take these semi-curly, mostly nappy edges and keep it pushin’.

Marsha B. said “Listen, I’m just glad my edges are still intact.” Laying your edges is trendy but used to be considered urban or ghetto. Once it was adopted by other races and celebs like Kim Kardashian, it became the acceptable.

Marsha writes that her stylist usually finishes it off her hair by gelling down her edges in a way that only a stylist can do. But as for doing it herself, “I’m just about tired of having this extra, somewhat unnecessary step to completing my hair style.” (Source HelloBeautiful)

What about you? Keeping up with the edges or nah?


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