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Grandmother Says ‘Pay Up Before You Eat Up’ Christmas Dinner

A British grandmother came up with a way to make some money while preparing Christmas dinner for her family.  52-year-old Hayley Garbutt charged each of the family members $45 for a plate at her dinner table. As a result of her um, admission charge, Garbutt’s three children, their partners and her four grandchildren enjoyed a lavish meal.

Garbutt said,”It’s not that I’m being tight; it means I get to spend more in other aspects too like presents.  This year the family dined on an assortment of meats and champagne as well as King prawns, to pizza, to homemade quiches.” She also added that her family is “spoiled at Christmas but that’s part of the fun of it.” (Sources: New York Daily News &

She paid nearly 400 bucks for the food and that is in addition to the Christmas gifts flanking her tree so I suppose she figures why not recoup some of the cash spent. ~Randi 


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