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Rhema International Fellowship of Churches Presents The Gathering of Trailblazers

This year’s Holy Convocation 2019 will be power packed at Rhema International Church. Bishop Eric Lloyd… a trailblazer in his own right… stopped by to tell us all about it.

Check it out Here



I'm still trying to figure it out too! I'm a child of God that has a lot to say. I've been given a platform on the air to say it but I tend to be a bit lengthy so enter my personal blog. My journey has been full as a single adoptive parent. As I struggle, I’m looking for answers and respite through writing. My mom wanted me to write a book  and I'm working on that, so bear with me as I fumble my way through. I'm working on balancing my extremely fun work life with my personal life that is filled with challenges these days. I know that God will see me to victory so... welcome to my life. ~Randi

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