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Deep Sea Diver and Vegan Chef Kendall Duffie to Open Deep Sea Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant in Nashville

The faith-based music and entertainment industry knows Kendall as co-owner — along with his sister Michelle and twin Clyde — of the entertainment marketing firm D3 Entertainment Group as well as the Vibe Room recording studio in Nashville. But, those who really know can tell you that Kendall is an amazing cook, a skill he learned from his mother. So this exciting news is no surprise… Duffie is set to unveil a new dining experience in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee–Deep Sea Vegan. (Source: Good Black News)

DETAILS HERE: FOOD: Deep Sea Diver and Vegan Chef Kendall Duffie to Open Deep Sea Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant on June 15 in Nashville — GOOD BLACK NEWS

He’s even had yours truly dabble into Veganland a time or two. If you’re in the Nashville area, check him out!

Randi and Kendall Duffie
Source: Randi Myles / Praise Detroit


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