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Wished I Had This In My Black History Class

There’s a new Black History Curriculum in town and it’s designed for every school district in America. Today I spoke with Dr. Joel Freeman, part of the creative team who designed the “Black History 365” Curriculum. Dr. Freeman along with Dr. Walter Milton, Jr., and Heather R. Sanders realized that the lack of “historical content has been a significant influencer of negative outcomes for black students and white students need to understand and acknowledge the contributions of persons from varied cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds in order to fully appreciate all of humanity” as well.

BH365 was designed with this is mind.

I spoke with Dr. Freeman about the background of this curriculum and how we can get it into schools everywhere.  Find out more about this interactive textbook at, and then reach out to your school district. Check this out Dr. Nikolai Vitti!

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