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How to Have A Good Day — Praise 102.7

By Dr. Glenn Mollette

Everybody needs a good day every now and then!

Think of something or someone for which you are grateful. Maybe this is easy? Hopefully you have one or maybe dozens of people that are meaningful to you. We all have someone that aggravates us or maybe worse. We’re not going to emphasize that group in this column. They get enough glory. Today just think about those people you enjoy seeing or hearing from.

Have something to do every day. It is better if you have three or things to do. If you are going to work every day you have plenty to do. If you are raising kids or caring for family you have plenty to do. Don’t run out of things to do. Clean your house, work in your yard or find a part time job but have something that requires you to put out some effort.

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I'm still trying to figure it out too! I'm a child of God that has a lot to say. I've been given a platform on the air to say it but I tend to be a bit lengthy so enter my website. The "confessions" you see on my website are not the gossip kind but rather conversations with artists, authors, speakers and teachers within the faith-based community. Also, my journey has been colorful, rich and sometimes really hard so, I look for answers and respite through writing. My mom wanted me to write a book  and I'm working on that, so bear with me as I fumble my way through. I'm working on balancing my extremely fun work life with my personal life that is filled with challenges these days. I know that God will see me to victory so... welcome to my life. ~Randi

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