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The Launch of Living Waters Church with Pastors J & Melanie Moss Begins This Sunday [[Interview & New Music]]

Raise your hand if you already saw J Moss and his wife Melanie shepherding a church? *Both of mine are up*j-moss-01

I talked to J about this new assignment over his life, how his bishop prepped him and his wife for this moment and featured his release, “Trust God” which is totally fitting for this new adventure for the Moss family.

Listen to our Conversation Here

Living Waters Church kicks off this Sunday, March 5th, 2017  inside the Grand Theatre at Cass Technical High School at 3:30pm. For the rest of the month services on Sunday will begin at 10:45am and will host a guest artist during each service to continue the celebration.

Pastors J & Melanie Moss are a spiritual dynamic-duo totally committed to fulfilling the assignment of God by connecting with people and moving them towards the knowledge of Christ. Married for 19 years and living with their two sons, they know all about the importance of not only family but “Faith” in the family. Taking the role as Pastors of Living Waters Church in 2017, they are dedicated to impacting and helping lives in the church, the community and the world. 

For More Information log onto their website:

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