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How Amazing Would It Be If We All Cared – A Personal Reflection [[Video]]

This Morning, I was compelled to drive past the church where Dallas Police Officer Michael Krol was escorted to for his final funeral mass. Krol, a Michigan native and former Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy was slain on July 7th while working at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

(via: Fox2Detroit Facebook Live)

As I drove past St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church I was overcome with emotion because of the sheer show of support from officers from all over the country. How amazing it would be if we could all support each other “before” these tragedies occur. How amazing would it be if we all could pause for one moment and give a damn. All of us.

Black Lives Matter because we need equal footing in every area of our lives. All Lives Matter because we certainly can not get equal footing by hurting and killing others to prove a point.

Rest in Paradise Officer Krol. Your life was not in vain.


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