Move To The Next Level With Breakthrough Strategist Jack A. Daniels

Last week I posted a dynamic letter written to black women, penned by author, speaker and psychotherapist, Jack A. Daniels:

Well today I’m telling you, “I love you.” No attachments, no hidden agenda, no games or gimmicks. I say this as a Black Man loving his sister because I’m concerned.

This struck a chord with me and I just had to find out more about this gifted man. Turns out we have a mutual connection and… I was happy to find out I could see more of his work on a new TV show called #BlackLove

Check out our Conversation Here

Credit: FYI, Network

Credit: FYI, Network

Jack A. Daniels is a psychotherapist, breakthrough strategist and international speaker. He is also one of the leading authorities in overcoming fears and helping people get unstuck in their relationships, business or other aspects of their life. Jack serves as a human behavioral specialist for several Fortune 500 companies and is a best-selling author of books such as, “I Need a Wife…Where are the REAL Women?” and “Stay Out of Your Own Way.” Jack has created several award-winning self-help programs including the Healing 100 Hearts in 100 Days project for women, the Stay out of Your Own Way tour and the extremely popular Mate Attraction.

Credit: Jack A. Daniels/Facebook

Credit: Jack A. Daniels/Facebook


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