Bishop Greg M. Davis, Sr: ‘When The Right One Comes _____’ [[Interview]]

Who knew 140 characters would turn into a book set to release June 8th? Certainly not Bishop Greg Davis, who began tweeting a collection of gems about relationships about 3-years ago. This collection of thoughts started simply as “When the Right one Comes,” and finished with wise quotes like.

You don’t find the right one, you become the right one and the right one finds you!

I had the opportunity to chat with Bishop Greg about his book today and found out why he did it, and how you can participate in “When the right one comes” as well!

Listen here:

“Success is not success, until you have failed at something. Most people who speak from authority on a given subject speak from failures in their lives. Experts are experts, because they have first-hand research or knowledge on a specific subject. This is not by theory, but from true experience,” says Davis.
Bishop Gregs Book
Set to release June 8th, 2015, this highly anticipated book is available for pre-order now at All preorders will be signed by Davis and accompanied with a personal thank you note.


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2 thoughts on “Bishop Greg M. Davis, Sr: ‘When The Right One Comes _____’ [[Interview]]

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