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You Know You’re Dating A Manipulator If…

Found this on today felt like this might help somebody. Been there… done that… wrote the manuscript tucked away on a flash drive somewhere. ~Randi 

Watch for the signs…

Love is a long dance of give and take, but not for the manipulator. No way! They take and take. Here are eight signs to look out for.skd181880sdc

“Fickle and emotionally unpredictable.”

Manipulators are typically emotionally imbalanced. They tend to shift and treat people according to their varying moods. If one minute they are up and the next they are down, that’s a sign.

“They do the bare minimum.”

If you are giving a 100 percent and the person is only giving 10, that person is a taker. They are only doing enough to get by. Someone like this drains others for their own benefit.

“Use affection and charm to their advantage.”

Kind words, affection and emotional connection are wielded as weapons, not used for authentic relationship building.

“The relationship only progresses on their terms.”

A manipulator always wants to be in control, so they will shift the relationship forward or backward as it suits them.

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