Don’t Let Church Activities Keep You From Actively Being The Church

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Great read from John Pavlovitz from Stuff That Needs To Be Said & Relevant Magazine ~Randi 

It isn’t news to anyone who has been part of a local church community for any length of time that most of them tend to be pretty insular entities, becoming more self-preserving and navel-gazing as they get larger and more “successful.”


For as much as we talk during our Sunday services about “making disciples of all nations,” or about “seeking and saving what was lost,” or about “reaching the world for Jesus,” we all too often become preoccupied with the amenities and perks we’ve come to enjoy as religious club members. The church for us becomes less about equipping us to personally bring love to a broken world, and more about receiving … and receiving … and receiving.

Every week, as a pastor of a really great church community, I get…

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