Kevin LeVar, Sharing God’s Message of Forgiveness, Love & ‘Your Destiny’ [[Interview & Video]]

Sometimes you can talk to a person and it feels like you’ve known them your whole life. That’s exactly how I felt when I interviewed Kevin LeVar. His bio says that, “Kevin LeVar is a gifted author, preacher, songwriter, recording artist, and man of prayer.” But I promise you this Washington, DC native is much, much more.

Click the Picture to Hear the Interview

Kevin LeVar Pic Kevin is an artist with a cause teaching the lesson of healing through the power of forgiveness with the FORGIVE AND LIVE TODAY Campaign. To find out more about that, Kevin’s music and more, visit his website at LISTEN TO RANDI EACH WEEKDAY FROM 10AM – 3PM ON Praise 102.7 – DETROIT’S INSPIRATION STATION!

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