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Tracy Randall – ‘Creating Music To Bring People Hope & Direction’ [[Interview & Video]]

Allow me to introduce you to my new friend… Dr. Tracy Randall. I’m always interested in hearing the story on how someone decides to become a gospel artist, but when you hear Tracy’s, you’ll understand why he had to. This is a testimony of God’s hand being on your life, God’s true healing and listening to His divine guidance.

Tracy was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and though he originally set out to become an electrical engineer, he realized that there was another calling on his life… MUSIC! Randall took a “leap of faith” by securing a recording contract with T neck/Island Black Music in October 1996. But after a merger left him without a label, he independently released his debut Gospel album entitled, “Sinners Have Souls Too,” in 2006.

His sophomore CD entitled “Troubled Times,” was released in 2012 even though he was battling cancer and struggling with the effects of it.

Currently Randall is about to release his third studio album entitled “No Judgment” and the first single “New Life” is slated to release on March 19th, 2014. Check out our interview here! It’ll bless your heart. Sure did bless mine!

Tracy Randall and Randi

Check out the single from CD “No Judgement” right here:

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Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Confessions Of A Gospel DJ
Tracy Randall - 'Creating Music To Bring People Hope & Direction' [[Interview & Video]]


I'm still trying to figure it out too! I'm a child of God that has a lot to say. I've been given a platform on the air to say it but I tend to be a bit lengthy so enter my website. The "confessions" you see on my website are not the gossip kind but rather conversations with artists, authors, speakers and teachers within the faith-based community. Also, my journey has been colorful, rich and sometimes really hard so, I look for answers and respite through writing. My mom wanted me to write a book  and I'm working on that, so bear with me as I fumble my way through. I'm working on balancing my extremely fun work life with my personal life that is filled with challenges these days. I know that God will see me to victory so... welcome to my life. ~Randi

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