12-Year-Old Girl Threatened With Expulsion For Refusing To Cut Her Natural Hair Welcomed Back

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via: Daily Mail

A 12-year-old girl who was threatened with expulsion from school for refusing to cut her natural afro hair has been told she can return to the classroom without having to have a snip.

Vanessa VanDyke, who is a student at Orlando’s Faith Christian Academy in Florida, had been suffering taunts over her hairstyle from fellow students.

When her mother, Sabrina Kent complained about the issue, surprisingly, school administrators appeared to side with the bullies and told Vanessa that her hair violated school dress codes for being a ‘distraction.’

Vanessa says that she was given one week to decide if she wanted to cut her hair, and if not, she would have to leave the school. At the time she said that she felt her hair was part of her identity and for that reason, did not plan to change it.

Now it appears that school officials have…

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