I Battle Pinterest Stress… You too?

Praise 102.7

So, last year I joined the world of  “Pinterest,” a website dedicated to pinning and re-pinning any awesome ideas and interests you have. It’s a virtual scrapbook of things too. My sister is an avid Pinterester (I don’t know what it’s called but she loves it!), and finds all types of recipes, cleaning ideas and natural remedies for every from acne to warts – I just threw that in… she doesn’t have warts. Anyway, some of the recipes and cleaning things work marvelously… others not so much. 

I’ve found out how stressful it can be when your Pinterest doesn’t quite turn out like the Pinner’s (I seriously don’t know what to call them) picture. Now, I find out there’s a term for it in Relevant Magazine, “Pinterest Stress.” That sums it up, but the blog, Pinterest Fail has had…

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