Jonathan Nelson Encourages Us To ‘Finish Strong’

Praise 102.7

I first figured out just who Jonathan Nelson was while watching  streaming internet services from Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland.  At the time, I loved the song “My Name Is Victory,” and put two and two together. What I didn’t know was that this multi-award winner was also responsible for writing Donald Lawrence’s “Healed” as well as the Youth For Christ’s congregational ballad, “The Struggle Is Over,” and more.

I talked to Jonathan about his brand new project, “Finish Strong” hitting the stores Tuesday, his new label from the Motor City, Karew Records, and why he believes he’s a Clark family member (from the famed Clark Sister family)… some kind of way:

Check out Jonathan’s new project, Finish Strong Tuesday April 23rd. As he say’s Buy It, Don’t Burn It! Shout out to the Sheards and Karew Records… Motown Love! ~Randi

Text “Praise” To 77000 To have the first…

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