Jessica Reedy: Young, Saved & Humble [[Interview]] [[Music Video]]

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At the beginning of the year, I told Jessica Reedy to come by the studio anytime she was in town… and she took me up on that offer by coming in and spending a bit of time on the air with me on Friday:

Off the air, we had a deep honest conversation about some of the songs she’s working on, and Jessica gave me a sneak listen to one of them. Let me just say, the honesty from a young Christian woman’s point of view was emotional. Know that we all struggle with the same issues,  so whenever she gets this recorded,  every woman (young or old) should listen close to what she has to say. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorites from this Sunday Best Alum, Something Out of Nothing.

Check Jessica’s website out here:    ~Randi


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2 thoughts on “Jessica Reedy: Young, Saved & Humble [[Interview]] [[Music Video]]

  1. ‘ Love jessica,love her song,love her are vry sweet girl$i admire you a lot.I had the opportunity of meeting you te last time you came to nigeria.’Was among the contestent that backup for you @praise him africa contest.pls if u are reading this pls I want to keep intouch with you.this is my facebook address ogunmadeolukemi $my fan page is debra just release my first singles”more than what people say” thanks love jessica dearly$ want to stay in touch.

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