William Murphy – God Chaser

I had the most Inspirational Interview with my brother in Christ William Murphy today… Check it out! #DetroitLove

Praise 102.7

William Murphy has a new CD called God Chaser, and I had the opportunity to chat with my brother in Christ about this new project which –  in true William Murphy form –  is filled with songs that usher you into the presence of God wherever you may be in life. 

Okay I admit… catching up with this Detroit born and raised man of God was major fun as well.  He gave his shameless plugs to his old high school (My direct rival back-in-the-day, I’m a Husky chile), and why he’s considering importing some nurses from his dad and granddad’s church for my assistance soon!

We also talked about why he has such a desperation in his voice while in praise and worship, and who needs to hear God Chaser. We all do William… we all do.

Click the picture to hear the interview!

William Murphy

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