A Request I Just Can’t Find

Me: Praise 102.7 Hello

Caller: Hi um yes, I was in Oklahoma last week and heard this song I haven’t heard in a long time? You think you can play it?

Me: Well, I’ll try… what is it?

Caller: Gonna Hire A Wino…

Me: *stuttering* Uh, uh, um… I’ve never heard of that song. You sure you’re calling PRAISE 102.7? 

Caller: *clearly agitated* Yes.

Me: Um… I don’t know that song… I’ve never heard it… I’m sorry…

Caller Hangs up on me.

So, you know I just had to find out what she was talking about… right? But just so you know… this won’t be played on Praise 102.7!

Please Help Me!


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