Why Am I Here!

Why am I here?

I’m new to blogging but not new to writing. I’ve shared my wit and wisdom in various ways but today I’ve decided to let my hair down – pretty funny because it’s barely an inch long – for a change.

I’ve been a single parent for 16-years. I adopted my son shortly before his 1st birthday and this ride has been wild and crazy. I don’t know why I decided to adopt. Maybe because my dad is an adopted child, my mom sheltered many wayward family in her day too. Perhaps I adopted because I wanted to pay the price for not finding the right guy to marry and have children with. I also had so many issues with fibroids and PMS that I was afraid I’d never have children anyway. I was right with that one and gave in and had a hysterectomy two years ago.

Then it could be because I really, really wanted to love a child. Yes, that’s it…I really wanted a family of my own, plus I’m just a tad bit crazy.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll let you know what I’ve gone through with this child whom I love dearly. Manchild was born addicted to crack. He was diagnosed early with ADHD and recently has been dealing with depression and anger.

Through countless therapists, psychiatrists, medication, prayer and tears I’m feeling stuck because at 17, Manchild believes he can help himself now. But I see him diving head first into deep undercurrents. What will I do next?

I’m here to figure that out.


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